Friday, 28 February 2014


I have myself a theory and I be a proud lad of the lads ken. The theory itself, well ok, it’s ripped out of the Anonymous Conservative book of wonky amygdalas and r selected Bugs Bunny fuckos, and is a propellant of much of the silly cuckoo clock nonsense that a cunt sees around him today, but that be fine too. Great minds think alike, or Anonymous in his own neck of the woods and Franco stealing some stuff all for himself. The idea is as follows: The left singularity as we see it and as we know it, is exacerbated by psychological disorders such as narcissism, pathological liars, femcuntiness and protecting your ego from shattering into a million tippy shards. So, in order to weaken “The Cathedral”, the culture of narcissism must be…umm…critiqued, eviscerated, made the dirtiest filthiest thing imaginable.
I’m in one of them academic seminars again. For those of yous who don’t know the drill, I’ll sum stuff up quickly. It’s all under false pretences. The idea that people will “learn” and want to know more about a particular discipline. All bullshit ken, it be nothing more than a fucken pissing match. The whole grain (cause it be healthy y’all) sandwich stuffed with posh cunt fillings, the Styrofoam cups of filter coffee which many a pasty faced lad (and occasional lassie) helps themselves too, the rows of seats for the “intellectuals”, the freshly vacuumed carpet with the dodgy flickity flip lightbulb, shit man, a cunt thinks, the more they try and pass this thing off as lads trying to have a healthy productive discussion of ideas, the more depressed people get. So it begins. People gulp down their coffee and start fiddling around on their Iphones. The subject stands in front of the projecter, dishevelled, a hairy Russian doll with cigarette ash for eyes, going through the motions, findings on this and that, how this p value does that and this is this and blah blah.

So what happens is we get to the questions. This is where we get into bitter snarksville territory. Your brain is fried by this point. I’ve suggested before that for a lot of nerds, it’s about having your ego tied up in the subject, rather than having a healthy interest in it. This is infuriating. The questions are all masturbation. They suggest that you use this statistical method over this one, that this is wrong and why did you not consider this and all of that fun that a cunt can’t leave behind. Whats another common one? Oh, yeah, this topic that you have been doing is not supported by any peer review that I know of. And so some lad (there’s always some lad), keeps asking these questions over and over to reframe it so the whole room looks at him. Happy days.

I remember one speaker in particular had an awful lot to say, an interesting down to earth kind of lad. The next day, I was in a crowded coffee shop talking to him about his work in the field, and what it is like to give the same talk over and over again. The answers he gave would have Nassim Taleb nodding in agreement and would put many a cunt off doing anything mastersie.  How the speaking circuit works is as follows. You have your idea and thesis from your company or something. You proceed to present it to the room, where everyone is to have supposed to have read it. No one ever does its all but pissing in the wind. People, who want to help, will get in contact after the talk which rarely happens. But bizarrely enough, what happens is that people will ask questions when they don’t understand the paper at all. Then, when you try and talk to people about that said question, and this one is the fucking kicker, they will conveniently “forget” that they asked the question, and if you try and follow these people up on a criticism they made on your paper, asking for advice, they won’t respond to you. They won’t care.

Just like the male feminist who gets all “I’m telling human resources, nanana”, the academic is often a shit slinging farce that has no interest in science or study outside of an environment where he is supposed to be a paradigm of wisdom and knowledge in the field. In the cunt’s own words “those that end up in academia looking for intellectual vigor often die slow deaths”.

So what do 750 words of rabble rabble have to do with oil?

It’s kind of disturbing how a cunt like me, and many other cunts like me, have been groomed for living like this. The snark, the lack of honour and hierarchy, the use of a higher authority than yourself (hello gay community), to bring someone guilty of thoughtcrime down to their knees. But I am the same as these people though. I am spongy. I take a look at the internet. Oil. North Dakota. A wild area full of nutjobs, shitty work at terrible hours, whores, crack, biting numbing cold and adventure. Adventure ken, something that is not found in the blithering cesspit of academia. Something exciting, even though, fuck it man, I’m properly glamorizing the whole thing. Of course, I don’t have any hands on skills. I am probably too soft, institutionalized to do so. Perhaps I am too old as well for that matter. But the more I think about it, the more there might be something in this field of work. If I stay where I am, I’ll stay in this environment, the one where everyone goes along to get along and everyone exchanges bullshit stop and chats, “did you see the new episode of…” “oh yeah…” …”was so good in that movie…”…”bitch and whine ever since she left Greg…” “hello professor …CAN YOU HEAR ME?” and lose it. One of the worst things about it? Keeping face, being nice, everyone is so nice. I am not cut out for this environment that’s for sure.

I’m getting to that age where n>>>>0 and shit starts to stick, where you can look at facebook and see people’s lives playing out step by step, following a very tight algorithm. The accidental pregnancies with the fatarse. The office job. The masters in bullshit. The lassies that are still hot but now have a pot belly or a bit of a wrinkle there. The extended adolescence, kiddification of lads in their early twenties. What would a cunt need to do to get out of this? Would it be worth burning out like this?

I could write a fucken book on academia at this stage, but that be enough in aw, already written a shiteton of posts about it. North Dakota, Calgary, Oil and adventure? Looking more real and sharp by the day ken.


  1. 9 to 5 jobs like the one ur training for are actually scientifcally designed to make u a slave. u get just enough time off to recuperate ur engines to be productive at work, but ur just tired enough to not think for urself to get out of the grind. have u ever said "fuck it all"? have u ever done something u TRULY want to do? think about it man.

    fuck ur degree. fuck ur family. fuck ur friends. fuck ur religion. fuck ur country. none of them have ur best interests at heart. none of them care about u like u care about urself. yes ur Irish, but there are ways to win in this world, and if u read "how to think and grow rich" u will find them. find the MASTERMIND.

    ur a young guy, 21 or maybe 23, and ur not satisfied with life. nihilism. fuck that. there ARE things and ideas worth living for. so live for them. what is them? well thats up to u to find out. i dont care how "invested" u are in ur degree. ive been reading ur blog since day 1 of the archives and i can sense an independent mind if i know one. throw it all away, lock urself in a hotel room for a weekend, shut off ur iphone and internet and cable, and JUST THINK! who are u? what do u want to do? what r ur values? where do u see urself 10 years from now?

    i would not be so arrogant as to tell u what to do with ur life, but from White brother to White brother, the answers are within, all u have to do is look.

  2. Hi Francis,

    I think all this narcissism stuff is largely about that when people can't see a chance to actually gain social status, prestige and rank, they fake it. Fake it to others, and to themselves.

    Imagine this. Your country is at war, a serious war, and you are a young officer cadet a military academy learning ballistics. Lots of similarities to being a STEM student, right? The point is, sure, some will try these silly fake ego games. But most will understand that the only real way to gain status is to get promotions or decorations, and everything else is bullshit. The rules are clear - you have a community, the community has a goal: win the war, those who contribute most to the war effort get the promotions and decorations. (Of course there are always buys like nepotism in the system.) So the rules are clear, and instead of fake shite people will spend their time discussing how to use the rules to their benefit: how to make first lieautenant and captain fast, after graduation. Or how to get into Staff.

    What is missing today? First, no community. Second, no clear communal goals like survival or winning something, war, competition, whatever, or something like that. Third, no clear rules.

    Besides, people want to gain status for two reasons, one is that it is a basic biological instinct, and second because it is a basic biological instinct in women to try to grab a high status man, so whoever makes captain first, gets to marry the trophy wife, and they now it. The boys see it as the real prize to win. I guess most young men today don't even care about that anymore, they see no chance.