Thursday, 17 April 2014

What The Manosphere Is About (A Sort of Response to Matt Forney's Post)

There be a lot of of strange people out and about lads. Goes with the terrain I suppose, no? Any fringey movement=fringey bastards. Take that as a given.

So, toos get on topic, Matt Forney put together a post on leaving the manosphere, a post which discusses Sunshine Mary and Dannyfrom504, long story short, they're not the people they claim to be. So I thought I'd talk about it a bit.

First, some of you fucken cunts in the dark recesses of the internet are mental, mad as fucking hatters ken.

Sunshine Mary. Christ on a bike, her blog bothered me for a long while to be frank with yous. Not because she was a fraud (I didn't know), but because of the audience, the sycophantic dipshits with the unadulterated praise, the moaning of the lassie who fucked them right and good, the pissing in the bucket, the gimme gimme gimme attitude of the whole thing, a confederacy of twats.

Fucking arseholes lads.

Two reasons why this Red Pill "bend over for hubby" shite bothered me. Number one, it proved that a whole lot of yous didn't fucking get it. And when I mean didn't get it, I mean, yous didn't get it on a rudimentary, 101 introductory course on how to be a fucken man ken and should just give up at this stage. You thought yous were so good with your "evil wimminz" stuff, going on about hypergamy this, and my ball buster of a wife that, that yous didn't see what was literally right in front of your nose. Second, the Red Pill Women thing with Sunshine Mary and ilk was yous, just living vicariously through the hubby, the dominant one with the super virgin lassie doing everything you want and more. Again, this is messed up cause lassies are flawed and messy just like men are. That's not saying that you shouldn't hold lassies to a high standard (you fucken should), but this idea, this fantasy of yours will not come through without pain, effort, and difficulty on the way. Yous may get a great lassie, but she won't be this fantasy, this thing. It's like the cunt who goes on about lads who waste their time "watching the X factor" yet gets his fantasy out over dominating the lassie.

Even though he's a fucken benny who is so dishonest,, such a dirty, bald faced liar, he would fart on another man's balls just to get a lumpy lassie her bit of attention.

Then there's the Dannyfrom504 lad, the made up PUA stuff that comes with his website, and the indian lass (HB8) with more facial hair than Ron Burgandy.

Again, two things to note here.

A loser who knows he's a loser, hates himself and is willing to change and get better, gets ten times more respect from me than a fake, a phony, a guy trying to build up his ego by having the appearance of that guy, rather than actually being that person in question, that guy who yous look up to, admire and respect. Cause you know what, he did something with his life! The second thing is that reputations are limited ken. Once it's gone, it's gone and it ain't coming back!

Which leads a lad onto the manosphere, this loose, antifragile collection of blogs and what the bloody fuck it is about.

Self improvement ken, nothing more.

You want to get good with women, wondering why even lassies of the rotund variety reject your advances? It's going to be tough, but there's advice here.

You want to get good advice on a career? It's going to be tough, but there's advice here.

You want to get in good physical shape, but keep wondering why yous are getting fat and doughy from all that whole grain bread? It's going to be tough, but there's advice here.

Matt Forney has talked about phony lads and lassies here, both in this post and in general. I disagree with him slightly. It's not just about the fact that these lads are making this shit up, just to get their little shots of dopamine as yous root for Sunshine Mary's hummer skills. It's about the fact that you are using these people and these blogposts as entertainment, as your own beautiful dark twisted fantasy, not to get better, not to improve yourself in anyway.

As for the neoreactionaries, well:

Did I just end up at a fucking Brony convention or what lads? The lad on the right who looks like the mad lad from The Master? These people as the future kings and queens?

Pig fuck.

Nah to be honest with yes all, we're utterly and hopelessly fucked lads and there's not much we can do about it.

Ah well sure, there's still much drinking and mindless fun toos be had.

Enjoy the decline!


  1. Yep, fucking mental as hell. Right on!

    Enjoy yourself Francis, keep it going and keep trying.

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