Friday, 11 July 2014

It's a Setup

So a while ago, I’m skimming the aul facebook feed, skimming through some of the pretty lassie pictures and reading through some of the messages that some people have been sending me and all, when suddenly, some lad (and he wants tae be the next fucken Patrick Kavanagh writing about turnips, ho ho ho) writes a ho di hum hum fuck off cunt tirade of a post, one of these moral crusader things. Having said that, it gets the cunt thinking overall, does it not?

See, this lad was getting a haircut from this older working class Irish lassie, who then goes on her own rant on de Muslim lads, who after a couple of scoops, had essentially tossed and trashed up the shop.  Cue a giant chorus of fuck this racist bitch comments, mock angry lads and lassies, and one vertically challenged lassie and a truckload of likes from her being so brave and clever with her acerbic wit en aw. The thing that got me interested, and it’s essentially a duh duh point all things considered, is that how exposed the middle class (this guy is related to an Irish TD so pretty well off like) and above are to the likes of multiculturalism. How this works is the following: You’ve got the lad in the school with all of the other lads with the rugby shirts and DRINKS at Kielys. This lad stays with the same friends in the same area, the same cohort of lads finding themselves in Coppers or whatnot every Thursday. This lad then finds himself in UCD or TCD, where his brain, if he is not doing a STEM subject, is filled with cheesecake and other kinds of nonsense on white lads putting minorities into space rockets and flying them into the sun. Some of the more loquacious and artistic lads end up writing shit novels on how sad it is to take it up the butt (Colm Toibin) or they end up on RTE’s board of presenters taking about how it is nice to take it up the butt. The point is not about right wingers or multiculturalism. The point is that when lads post the South Park “dey took our jobs” meme and every lad has a chuckle, they simply don’t have exposure to the darker underbelly of postmodern society. 

This explains a lot to the cunt in general. Having spent the last year on one of Ireland’s most liberal campuses, yet just talking with lads of lads in different socioeconomic backgrounds, one of the things I’ve noticed is that the middle, upper class of my generation is drifting increasingly left while the lower middle class and working class is drifting increasingly right.  Politics is like an elastic band at this stage, if it’s going to fucken snap or rebound badly though is anyone’s guess. I believe this is down to exposure. Most people know something is wrong, morally, aesthetically whatever yous call it. The lefty lads believe it is down to the evils of a purely capitalistic system, along with sexism, homophobia and whatnot, so let’s get the Richard Dawkins atheistkunt flags out. The working class lads, who like the barber, are actually seeing the statistics and raw numbers play out in front of their eyes, on their properties and in their areas, are less willing to tolerate it, no matter how many crappy TV shows and Vincent Browne debates are aired, with useful idiots like John Waters doing the rounds, being the boogyman who desperately needs a fucken haircut.   

In otherwords, the more of the Cathedral a lad will have exposure to, the more left orientated they will ultimately be. That includes the tv. Watch less of it man. Lift some fucking weights or something.
So what exactly does this mean for the future? Well, reality is reality. You can make all sorts of funnies and make South Park references about future lads taking their jobs, but in reality it doesn’t matter what you think. I guess the main difference is is that there is a big difference between the working class and the underclass, the latter lads being the creeps, not the former lads who yous know, work to keep the society running, something a spoiled as shite Millenial from my generation who reads History in TCD benderland won’t understand for jack. 

Only option for the lad and lassie at this stage is toos learn how to swim.